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Sergeant Clip Review

Full disclosure: I received some free samples and have worked with the inventor at a former employer. I don’t have any financial interest in the product though.

I was quite excited to get my Sergeant Clip samples through as the inventor had told me about them in the past and I have been involved in some large network migrations recently and thought they could be pretty useful. In a lot of environments the documentation of what server or floor port plugs in to what access switch can be sketchy at best and non existent at worst; this presents a problem when a switch blows up because you need to do 1:1 migration of ports in a hurry and probably without good labeling.

The premise of the Sergeant Clip is, as with most good ideas, simple. It’s got a ‘I wish I had thought of that’ feel about it because it’s the simplest solution to a common problem. The clips can be attached around groups of cables to keep them together in order and also left in situ to deter tampering.

We did a couple of test migrations of some cabling within the same rack and found it to be really helpful. In a sterile lab environment you don’t appreciate the ‘3am clusterf*ck’ that often causes cables to get mixed up when moving them around but as a seasoned engineer it’s not hard to imagine how much easier it would be with all the cables held together in the right order.


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