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Router migration using dual-as

I am working on a project that involves moving a router from one BGP ASN to another. The topology above shows the current situation and we want to move R2 to ASN20 and have it hooked up to R4 instead of R3. Normally this would be pretty trivial however the owner of R1 in ASN […]

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VRF Lite with redistribution between BGP and EIGRP

Some of my posts are just things that I was pretty sure worked but wasn’t 100% on how it worked and what the exact config looked like. In these situations if I can’t find something in a blog or on the Cisco site I post something to make it easier for the next guy trying […]

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Getting your underpants inside out over NAT

A colleague asked me to write a post on NAT and so this one is for him. I’m going to use a very basic three router lab to go through the common types of NAT and where they are used. First off there is the convention of inside and outside interfaces.┬áThe golden rule here is […]

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